Sunday, August 8, 2010

Where Oh Where has our Little Blogger Gone?

     If you follow my blog, you may be wondering what in the world happened to the simpler daze lady?  Well, my days have been anything but simple.  I have not been doing much in the way of baking.  I have frozen some garden crops, eaten some sweet corn here and there but I am basically too busy to do much else.  When I last left you I was up to my elbows helping my kiddos with their 15 4-H projects.  Well the county fair has came and gone and it was a very successful event for each of my children.  We got several champions, reserve champions, reserve grand champions and a grand champion.  We have 4 projects at the Indiana State fair representing our county.  They have received one red(personality), two blues(photography and sewing) and a blue and special honor group(computers).  All in all we are happy with the results. 
     My parents are taking up most of my time these days.  My mother had a full hip replacement and my father was put into the hospital the same night that my mother had surgery.  It was an unplanned trip so family stress is abundant.  I have parents who are amazing.  They have taken care of me my entire life.  It is strange to have the rolls reversed.  But Gods wisdom is abundant and His love is unfailing and this season will pass soon enough.  I can never repay the loving care I have received from my parents.  Helping out in their time of need is an honor...I will try to keep my attitude in check when my patience get thin.  ;)
    As far as the not-so-domestic diva front... I haven't made it to the farmer's market in three weeks.  I haven't made a loaf of bread in two weeks.  Eating out has become an unwelcomed result of my new "nursing position"  So consequently, I am basically a domestic failure.  On the bright side when it comes to my duty as a daughter...I receive a blue ribbon!  Maybe I even qualify for the honor group!  Blessings to you all!