Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oh my...I forgot that I am a blogger!

So, in the business of life, I forgot I was a blogger!  I can't believe I haven't posted since May.  That doesn't make following me one bit interesting I am afraid!  Much has happened in my crazy life.  I started this blog when I was beginning my more natural, back to basics, homesteading lifestyle.  I have had some crazy twists...a little thing called kids. ;)  We added one to our nest.  No new babies, unfortunately.  We have a wonderful Danish exchange student.  How fun life has been get to learn all about a different culture.  Having her has been such a blessing.  We are now enjoying advent in a whole new way.  Advent is a "big deal" in Denmark nightly gifts throughout the season.  Something tells me it will be a big deal in our home from now on.  We have learned things like...if smoke blows in your face around the campfire you should hold up your thumb and say, "I hate rabbits."  We have learned that band-aids are sometimes called plaster...she cut her leg shaving the second week she was here and we had no idea what she was asking for until we saw BLOOD!  We have learned that Disney videos are REALLY fun to watch in other languages.  Most of all we have learned that opening your heart and your home to an exchange student can be as much of blessing to a host family as it can to the student.  I am so thrilled to have our Danish daughter with us this holiday season and only dread the day in June when we have to send her home. 

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