Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Merry Little Christmas

     So many families find themselves harried and stressed this time of year.  Is it any wonder suicide rates go up around Christmas.  We run around finding the perfect gift.  We try to create the perfect dish for the perfect meal.  We shop until we find the perfect outfits for the perfect family picture for the perfect Christmas cards.  What we don't do is concentrate on what really matters.  Our families become secondary to what we think they "need" or want.  We drag our kids, spouses, and friends from place to place to keep traditions alive.  We stress everyone out over what Christmas has become not what it should be.  Christmas should be about a baby, who became a man, who died on a cross for us all.  Whether we choose to celebrate His birth, the fact is he celebrates us no matter who we are, no matter what we have done.  A recent trip to a mall bookstore sickened me.  A bookcase full of "Christmas" books and NOT ONE one about Him.  The same is true of our "Christmas Specials" on television.  I can only think of one that even references Jesus (thank you Charlie Brown).  How long before He is completely gone from Christmas?  Never in my house...As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.  So, as you evaluate your Christmas traditions which ones glorify Him?  Which traditions strengthen your family unit?  Ask yourself should this be a tradition or a memory?  Feel free to share your family favorites and least favorites.  From our house to yours...May you have a blessed Christmas and New Year!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Loving the snow

What does snow in the country mean?  For our family it means quiet family time at home.  It has been an amazing week so far.  We have done a lot of cleaning and decorating.  Our fall has been so busy I actually look forward to having stuck at home days.  We have caught up on all those chores that have been waiting to get done.  Tomorrow we will begin baking cookies for Christmas.  I am looking forward to the smells that will permeate throughout our home.  Cinnamon, vanilla, peppermint, and hopefully there will not be the smell of burnt cookie!  I have been think a lot about food storage lately.  As the New Year approaches my husband and I have committed to building a supply of food for our family.  I was hoping to be farther along in the process of becoming more self sustaining. We have our own chickens. We have been eating meat raised on our farm.  Unfortunately my garden failed me this year.  I am not surprised.  I have somewhat of a black thumb.  I received bean seeds and kefir from a dear friend today.  I am so excited to plant the seeds!  They keifer we have used with great success to make a fermented drink for our family. I have also taken up sewing with my daughter.  We are making great strides.  There is so much to do and to prepare for on our little farm.  But for an instant  I am going to enjoy the peaceful days of winter and being with my kids and husband.  God has truely blessed us.