Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Merry Little Christmas

     So many families find themselves harried and stressed this time of year.  Is it any wonder suicide rates go up around Christmas.  We run around finding the perfect gift.  We try to create the perfect dish for the perfect meal.  We shop until we find the perfect outfits for the perfect family picture for the perfect Christmas cards.  What we don't do is concentrate on what really matters.  Our families become secondary to what we think they "need" or want.  We drag our kids, spouses, and friends from place to place to keep traditions alive.  We stress everyone out over what Christmas has become not what it should be.  Christmas should be about a baby, who became a man, who died on a cross for us all.  Whether we choose to celebrate His birth, the fact is he celebrates us no matter who we are, no matter what we have done.  A recent trip to a mall bookstore sickened me.  A bookcase full of "Christmas" books and NOT ONE one about Him.  The same is true of our "Christmas Specials" on television.  I can only think of one that even references Jesus (thank you Charlie Brown).  How long before He is completely gone from Christmas?  Never in my house...As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.  So, as you evaluate your Christmas traditions which ones glorify Him?  Which traditions strengthen your family unit?  Ask yourself should this be a tradition or a memory?  Feel free to share your family favorites and least favorites.  From our house to yours...May you have a blessed Christmas and New Year!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Loving the snow

What does snow in the country mean?  For our family it means quiet family time at home.  It has been an amazing week so far.  We have done a lot of cleaning and decorating.  Our fall has been so busy I actually look forward to having stuck at home days.  We have caught up on all those chores that have been waiting to get done.  Tomorrow we will begin baking cookies for Christmas.  I am looking forward to the smells that will permeate throughout our home.  Cinnamon, vanilla, peppermint, and hopefully there will not be the smell of burnt cookie!  I have been think a lot about food storage lately.  As the New Year approaches my husband and I have committed to building a supply of food for our family.  I was hoping to be farther along in the process of becoming more self sustaining. We have our own chickens. We have been eating meat raised on our farm.  Unfortunately my garden failed me this year.  I am not surprised.  I have somewhat of a black thumb.  I received bean seeds and kefir from a dear friend today.  I am so excited to plant the seeds!  They keifer we have used with great success to make a fermented drink for our family. I have also taken up sewing with my daughter.  We are making great strides.  There is so much to do and to prepare for on our little farm.  But for an instant  I am going to enjoy the peaceful days of winter and being with my kids and husband.  God has truely blessed us.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Flu Bug Strikes

Oh the joy of having sick kids.  It is even worse when mom is sick too!  Luckily this time it is just my youngest and myself who are sick.  I say luckily because my daughter has stepped in for me.  Taking care of me, my younger son, and the rest of the family.  She has made lunches, cleaned up, and continued to do her schooling.  I am going to request homemade bread, I think.  My son is busy doing the dishes, keeping the animals fed and watered.  He has opted to avoid his school work like the plague.  I am thinking a lesson will need to be learned there, when I am feeling better. The good news is I think we are all on the mend.  I am hoping for a full recovery by tomorrow.  Something tells me I am not looking forward to that half as much as my daughter!  I am not sure my school avoiding son will find this as exciting.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Finally a simpler day

     I have had an amazingly crazy end to summer.  As I posted before both of my parents have been ill.  I am happy to report they are both home and living independently.  The situation has made it difficult for me to do farmer's market.  I have been experimenting with herbs and have come up with a yummy new italian bread.  I tested it out Friday night when friends came to dinner.  We also made fresh butter that we all enjoyed. 
     We were determined to take a little time and do something as a family.  So, we packed up the kids and headed to the Creation Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio.  It was about a 40 minute drive from our house and we are members.  The kids really enjoyed going to the petting zoo.  They especially enjoyed riding the camel.  Our youngest was a little frightened and requested I ride along.  Earlier in the day I was upset that he had taken my camera out of the car.  At that moment, I was completely thrilled he had done so.  There is so much to see and we enjoy the museum everytime we go.
     We haven't done a lot of activities as a family this summer.  We did take in the Indiana State Fair.  We were so proud of our two 4-H'ers, who both had projects selected for the state fair.  Two projects a piece.  Our daughter displayed her sewing and got a blue and her personality which got a red.  It took some conviencing to explain that a red at the state fair is great.  She is my straight A, highly skilled, perfectionist child.  So, it was a great learning experience for her.  Our son received a blue on his black and white photos and a blue honor on his computers.  I was proud of his efforts as well.  He was so gracious with his sister.  Hugging her and telling her about how it is an honor to go to the state fair with a project and how their projects are judges is just one persons opinion.  Very sweet words coming from a 12 year old boy, who often struggles to complete projects due to his ADD.  He is so kind and sensitive, a trait that God will use for His glory. 
     Tomorrow will be the day when we begin hitting homeschooling head on.  We have been doing bits and pieces for a couple of weeks now.  Tomorrow is the day we go from morning until we are finished.  I pray all goes well for another great year.  Educating our kids at home is a true blessing to me, my husband, and most importantly our children.  We reap the benefits of precious time together.  I am hoping this year will bring about peace and simplicity.  I recently read Tony Dungee's book, Quiet Strength.  In it he shares much about his family, his career, but more importantly his faith.  The bits of wisdom he shares throughout the book is priceless.  It is a book about leadership and faith in tough times.  It made me think of my position of leadership in our home.  How I handle situations.  How I react to my children.  When he coached in the NFL he had one simple theme..."We do what we do."  He kept it simple and stayed the coarse.  It made me think a lot about how I teach my kids.  I think sometimes I put too much on us.  So this year our theme is..."Do what we do."  It is my goal to guide them into becomeing independent learners and thinkers. 
     Another quote from the book, that dungy posted on the locker room wall, " No excuses, no exceptions."  I am going to put our family and my kids first after only my God and husband.  I am going to start to say no to things that do not benefit our family.  I am not going to do things anymore because no one else will.  So beware if you are in an organization with me.  It is a new page being turned.  So it has been written and so I am now accountable!  Pray for my strength dear friends! 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Where Oh Where has our Little Blogger Gone?

     If you follow my blog, you may be wondering what in the world happened to the simpler daze lady?  Well, my days have been anything but simple.  I have not been doing much in the way of baking.  I have frozen some garden crops, eaten some sweet corn here and there but I am basically too busy to do much else.  When I last left you I was up to my elbows helping my kiddos with their 15 4-H projects.  Well the county fair has came and gone and it was a very successful event for each of my children.  We got several champions, reserve champions, reserve grand champions and a grand champion.  We have 4 projects at the Indiana State fair representing our county.  They have received one red(personality), two blues(photography and sewing) and a blue and special honor group(computers).  All in all we are happy with the results. 
     My parents are taking up most of my time these days.  My mother had a full hip replacement and my father was put into the hospital the same night that my mother had surgery.  It was an unplanned trip so family stress is abundant.  I have parents who are amazing.  They have taken care of me my entire life.  It is strange to have the rolls reversed.  But Gods wisdom is abundant and His love is unfailing and this season will pass soon enough.  I can never repay the loving care I have received from my parents.  Helping out in their time of need is an honor...I will try to keep my attitude in check when my patience get thin.  ;)
    As far as the not-so-domestic diva front... I haven't made it to the farmer's market in three weeks.  I haven't made a loaf of bread in two weeks.  Eating out has become an unwelcomed result of my new "nursing position"  So consequently, I am basically a domestic failure.  On the bright side when it comes to my duty as a daughter...I receive a blue ribbon!  Maybe I even qualify for the honor group!  Blessings to you all!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Too Much of A Good Thing

     I am so looking forward to sanity again.  Our children have 15 projects between the two of them.  My daughter is taking consumer clothing, food preservation, food preparation, sewing, photography, wearable arts, personality, goats and swine.  She is obviously a first year member, whose mother went temporarily insane and missed the add/drop deadline!  Her brother is in his third year and is only in six projects.  He takes aerospace, black and white photography, vet science, computers, goats, and swine.  They loved doing their projects.  I enjoyed helping.  What we didn't enjoy was their project books.  In recent years I have noticed a decline in 4-H participation.  When you go to the fair and look at the projects please understand there is so much more then just the projects.  The children are to fill out these in depth and extensive project manuals.  Now, I remember project manuals.  They were reference books.  If you didn't understand how to do something, it was explained in your project manual.  Now, these kids have 4-H "homework".  Extensive  and labor intensive 4-H homework.  The fun is taken out of preparing a project, turning it in and seeing what ribbon you got.  The days of kids taking 20 projects a piece is long gone.  Unless they are gluttons for punishment, like my daughter who LOVES workbooks.  Kids, like my son, are more apt to sign up for a root canal.  That would be so much less time consuming and painful.  After they spend hours doing these books a project helper briefly scans their works.  So yes, they must complete their books.  I have heard former 4-H members, like myself, discuss the decline in interest in such a wonderful program.  Although these books are well done and the activities are fun, the kids just don't have time to complete them.  We start our books, generally, when we get them.  Then we do an activity or two until two weeks or a month before fair.  I then find myself gather supplies, running to various locations, and spending lots of money to complete something we as kids didn't have to do.  We have entered a 4-H "heck" as we call it around here!  We, as kids, still got the same great experiences, learned a lot, and most importantly made life-long friends and memories.  Why is it we feel the need to kill a great experience through OVER education.  We do this in everything these days.  Our son Bobby likes baseball.  He may show a special talent or aptitude.  So, of course we put him on travel teams, put him in clinics, pay for special lessons with an "expert, sign him up for tournaments EVERY weekend, and zap his childhood and their love for the sport.  Sally shows an interest in cheerleading, gymnastics, or dance and we do the same thing to her.  The kids who don't make the elite teams drop out and give up.  They deem themselves as not good enough.  They loose the chance to have fun just playing the game.  We wonder why it is hard to get volunteers for activities!  Well, we do the same thing to parents.  Coaching clinics, trained and certified, all terms that now accompany coaching your six year old's soccer team.  Competition and the need to exceed are killing fun summer time experiences.  We are beating our kids with an educational stick.  We are controlling every aspect and every moment of their childhood.  Making a fort, playing cowboys and Indians, having a tea party all things of the past.  Well, unless you buy them the special kit for their birthday.  I am guilty.  I admit it.  I have bowed to societies expectations.  I am sure I need to do something about this.  Unfortunately, I am too over scheduled, committed, and busy to figure out what to drop!  Thank you for reading...I will now step off of my soap box.  Have a relaxing weekend whichever ball field, competition, or all inclusive resort you may be at! 

Friday, July 2, 2010

Farmer's Market

It looks like today may be the first time we make it to the farmers' market.  I am anxious and excited to share the fresh products we have been producing with friends, family and my community.  We are hoping to make a little extra cash for the county fair coming up.  I am hoping you will all say a prayer for us.  We are hopeful that it goes well and that the kids won't be disappointed.  They have been anxiously anticipating selling things all summer.  Stop by and visit us in Greensburg, Indiana if you are in the area.  The hours are 2:00-6:00 every Friday throughout the summer and into early fall.  We are hoping to have bread, freshly ground flour, cookies, and cinnamon rolls!!!  Wish us luck!!! 
By the way, sorry post have slowed down.  We are still in the throws of 4-H madness!!! ;)  I hope to be a more faithful blogger in a couple weeks!! :)  Thanks for reading!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Cooking for Kids with Allergies

Cooking for kids with allergies can be a challenge.  I sent my oldest son to Boy Scout Camp this week.  I was very nervous.  You see, we home school and honestly my kids are generally with me 24 hours, seven days a week.  That is the way I like it.  I know what they are doing and who they are doing it with.  My son loves scouting and he has aspirations to advance rank.  Looking back to Cub Scouts he has many wonderful and positive experiences with scouting...I question if we ever would have started.  Don't get me wrong.  Scouting has a lot of positive...but me letting my son go away for a week was not an easy decision.  It is only because I have known his leaders for years and I believe he is truly ready to fly.  He has also has aspirations, at 12, to be a minister or to work in missions.  I realized I can't clip his wings forever if I want him to fly with the Lord.  God really put me at ease with the decision.  I believe He will protect my son from harm.  His experience will be great. 
So after the shock of deciding he could go wore off I went into a whole other realm of panic...What will the camp do about his diet?  Drew has a dairy allergy.  He can have NO dairy.  We discovered this fact a little over a year ago after listening to a speaker, Diane Craft, at the Indianapolis Home school Convention.  I had gone to the session because she was speaking on ADD/ADHD and some dietary changes that could be made to help.  She mentioned that sometimes kids with "asthma"  sometimes simply have a dairy allergy.  She suggested we take him off ALL dairy for 6 weeks.  We did this.  About a week or two later we were amazed.  This is a kid who had used an inhaler since he was 4.  After we discovered the allergy I immediately became a label reader.  I had to dissect everything.  I had to quiz everyone when we were eating at someones house.  Wait staff found them in the kitchen asking questions to the chefs before we could order.  Favorite food recipes had to be changed.  How do I make pizza, cookies, and even casseroles without cheese, butter and milk?
I have had over a year to figured this out and now I had to brief the head of the kitchen at camp Maumee in about 15 minutes.  I must say she was a dream.  She sent me a menu.  She answered questions.  She read labels.  She even changed her recipes.  For things that were not easily changed I cooked them at home and sent them in disposable containers.  I started the process 3 weeks before camp started.  I spent the last two weeks researching recipes for entrees, side dishes, and desserts we hadn't already tried in the last year.  Then last week I started cooking and baking.  I made bread, waffles, apple crisp, brownies, scalloped potatoes, macaroni and cheese, cookies, cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls, bread sticks, biscuits and gravy.  What an adventure.  My son was going to Boy Scout Camp and I had baking boot camp. 
Some may wonder why I didn't just have him skip the dishes he couldn't eat.  I wondered this myself from time to time.  Then I reminded myself of what the camping experience is all about.  It is about being part of a group.  Doing what the other guys do.  Eating what they eat.  When on a diet to loose weight I often feel deprived and I fail unless I treat myself from time to time.  I can't imagine being a kid with a food allergy and not being able to have my favorite foods and watching others eat them.  So, I do the best I can to figure out substitutes so he can have treats too.  I also imagine they It also provided him with comforts of home since he has never spent over a night away from home at one time. 
He thanked me before he went for all the trouble I was going to just to be sure he would have the same things to eat.  That was enough.  To be appreciated, to be thanked, and to be loved by a 12 year old boy.  Is there anything sweeter for a mother?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Company Came

I love having company.  I don't always love getting my house ready for company!  I tend to over stress about things.  Last night we hosted the committee members of my youngest son's cub Scout pack.  I made homemade pizza and bread sticks.  My daughter made a pan of her famous brownies.  After we ate and the meeting was over, the kids weren't ready to go home.  So, I kept them.  Four extra children, for a total of 7.  They were great.  They played together so well.  They stayed up late and slept in accordingly.  I made waffles!  They were awesome.  The kids scarfed them down.  I was excited because I used soy milk and no one noticed.  It was a relief because my oldest has a dairy allergy.  I froze the left overs and will be able to have a quick breakfast prepared for tomorrow or Friday.  We then had more guest.  A friend's power went off and she called to see if she and her boys could come over.  They did.  She brought over her partially cooked grilled cheeses...the power went off in the middle of cooking.  Her boys shared the left over pizza and bread sticks.  All the kids played in the puddles left from the morning rains.  I LOVE hosting company.  I love fellow shipping with close friends.  I LOVE having a home filled with children and laughter.  I LOVE being at home.  I am thrilled with SIMPLE DAZE!  I will post the recipe for waffles on my recipe for the day blog! 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Fair Cometh!

     Well, remember how yesterday's post was all about taking it easy?  My, my how things change around here.  It all started when I looked at my calendar!  I realized something scary was coming my way...the 4-H fair...dunt, dunt, duh!  So guess what, oh yes, I went to full on panic mode!  So after the kids got their morning chores accomplished.  We were off to Grandma's to start the first of like 15 or 16 projects.  Why did we go to grandma's you say?  Well, because of course my daughter would pick 3 sewing projects...and ...ummm....I DON'T SEW!!! Praise you Lord, and I mean this sincerely, that my mother is a sewing goddess and my daughter seems to be a child prodigy!  Not really, she just cut the pattern out very well!  So we got project one started.  Project two was with my niece.  I had so much fun.  All my nieces are growing up fast and I don't get enough time with them.  She is in year 5 of foods...so many of you know what that means...THE DREADED YEAST ROLLS.  Well, we made cinnamon rolls, breadsticks, a loaf of bread, and dinner rolls.  She did great!  She enjoyed milling the wheat and working the dough.  Last but in no way least, I took my 12 year old son around the county to take pictures for photography.  He got some good shots.  I am too 4-H pooped to go on!!!!  I will update more tomorrow!  There will be more 4-Hing because...the FAIR COMETH

Monday, May 31, 2010

Being Versatile

     Well, tonight for dinner we had pizza!  Votes are in and it was a HUGE success.  With the same dough recipe I made breadsticks and a loaf of bread.  Tomorrow I am excited to make cinnamon rolls with my niece for her 4-H project, still using this same very basic dough recipe.  It amazes me that one simple recipe can make so many yummy treats.  I think there is two important lessons to be learned about life in there.  Keep it simple and be flexible.
     When I think about the way I have lived my life, I rarely keep it simple.  I over book and over commit.  That is what I like best about my new projects.  It is encouraging me to simplify things. Versatility is a strong suit of mine.  I am the youngest of four children.  As the youngest, I learned quickly that naps could be taken other places besides cribs (once in my plate at a restaurant), an afternoon snack was served often in a baggie (Cheerios were my favorite), and homework can be done in the car waiting to pick up an older sibling.  These early lessons served me well.  I generally roll with the punches fairly well.  I love being spontaneous, creative, and versatile, just like my dough recipe.  Lessons in the dough.  Who would have thought?  But, I am probably over thinking breadmaking, complicating things.  I guess old habits die hard!  At least I have a different way of looking at it!  How versatile of me!
     Please enjoy the pictures.  Visit Recipe of the Day blog for the dough recipe.  I use spaghetti sauce instead of tomato paste.  Both pizzas have the same ingredients, EXCEPT...one has veggie shreds instead of cheese.  As my 12 year old son has a dairy allergy.  Just another reason why I love this dough.  It uses no milk or butter!  My son can eat pizza again!  Other ingredients are fresh green peppers, pepperoni, and ground beef.  Mmmmm...simply delicious!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


     Such a productive day on our farm!  My darling husband was so busy outside.  Mowing, planting garden, weed eating...well actually the goats eat the weeds.  He just trims.  Oh my, really bad joke!  I was busy inside.  Laundry, baking and cleaning kept me busy most of the day.  I did get to share my blog with my mother.  Mom and Dad don't have internet at their home.  So I took my notebook and let her read my post.  She laughed and told me I should give up this domestic diva stuff and become a writer.  I was a little worried, as I have been sharing much of the product with her and dad.  She quickly explained she just found the post to be very entertaining and that my food was great.  Good thing because I am really amazed by the amount of fun I am having.
     Kitchen duties varied today.  I didn't get everything accomplished I had hoped.  No noodles today.  They will have to wait until Monday.  I was creative with the bread today.  I made 4 loaves of wheat, a pan of cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls, monkey bread, a strawberry filled loaf, and I attempted bagels.  I am not so sure about the outcome of the bagels.  I will post more tomorrow, once the critics taste test (my husband and kids).  Please be sure to check out the recipe of the day blog too!  I will be adding my third recipe tomorrow.  It is sure to be a yummy one!  Have a blessed Sunday!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Knock first, even in a down pour!!!

Well, today we did no baking but I did want to post a quick story about being an unexpected guest. Well, we were on our way to pick up our farm fresh eggs from my friend when a sudden pop up shower started. Now when I say shower that is way too mild. It was a relentless down pour. The sheets, the buckets, the dogs, and the cats were all involved. This is how the weather can be in Indiana. BEAUTIFUL one second and horrifying the next. To make a long story short, I sent my 12 year old son to my friend's door. What 12 year old boy minds getting wet? So he goes up to the door and the rain is really coming down with avengence now, because it is a friends house, my generally polite and well mannered young son, opens the door and starts to go in...until he hears a scream. My friend had gotten caught in the same pop up monsoon and had just put away her animals in it! She had run into the house to grab a towel and dry off. WELL, no towels were left in her bathroom so she was evidentially streaking to the second bathroom when my son started to come in. The good news is she screamed fast enough..."Ahhh, I'm naked!" as my son describes it. So he shut the door without seeing anything and he remains innocent to the build of my friends body! Although scared enough to stand on her front step getting soaked from head to toe. He did how ever learn a valuable lesson. Even in the worst of conditions maintain the best of your manners! He came back to the car. I got out, got soaked as well and got the eggs. Oh, after my friend got redressed!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fresh Strawberries!

Well, a new adventure again today, strawberry shortcake. Oh my, was it good. I am hoping to post some pictures. Possibly even the recipe!!! What do you think? Would you like the recipes to some of the products I am making?
This recipe is a find. About a month ago I started searching for the perfect rolling pin. You can't find the nice big ones anymore. If you do, they are at kitchen stores and coat an arm and a leg. So, my husband's grandmother has been in the nursing home for 5 years. He decided to call his aunt and ask if Grandma had a rolling pin. Well, what a blessing his aunt was. She not only offered the rolling pin but anything else that would help me with my new cooking adventure. So, we picked up some pans, a wonderful large bowl, the rolling pin, some measuring utensils, and most importantly two binders filled with recipes grandma had collected. My daughter treasures this find. She searches through the pages and finds things that she would like to bake like great grandma. She so far has made the short cake and crunchy cookies. I have to admit the recipes are my favorite too. Most are clipped out of the newspaper. Grandma has marked many of them good or very good. Some are hand written by other people. One is even written on a guest check from a restaurant. The ones we find especially pleasing are the ones written by grandma. These are the ones that connect my daughter to her heritage. To where she came from. I imagine a few were passed from a few generations. Several nights I have flipped through the pages, carefully rubbing my hand across the page. It is as if I am trying to "channel" what was going through her mind when she collected a section of about 12 zucchini recipes. I smile and think to myself, it must have been a bumper crop that year. I think of other things too. Like what legacy am I leaving for my children. I dare say that this special time my daughter and I are spending in the kitchen will be forever some of her favorite memories. When I think about what connected me to my parents and grandparents it isn't the big moments that always come to mind. It is what they were doing when they didn't even realize I was watching. It was sitting in my grandpa's easy chair watching "Little House on the Prarie" together. Even when Alzheimer's had taken most of his memories away, when I walked in his hospital room before he died he perked up and said there is my 1/2 pint. I remember watching as my other grandma would tad. She tried to teach me once. I so wanted to learn. I now wish I would have had the patience. She died the summer before I was married. But, not before she had finished the hankerchief for my wedding bouquet. It is those little things I want my daughter to remember about our family. I want the other woman in our family to share these memories too. I think a cookbook honoring Grandma is in order for an upcoming Christmas. I can't think of a more suiting gift then a little piece of your heritage.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Today was a light baking day. Because my youngest was up in the night getting sick, I was thankful to have previously prepared noodles ready to be combined with last night's pot roast leftovers. Then I added a slice of homemade bread and WOW, what a meal! Tonight for dinner we had tacos with handmade tortillas. It all was very quick and easy. We put in some of our garden finally! I am truly looking forward to the vegetables. The kids have been busy picking strawberries so tomorrow I am going to attempt my first pie crust. I am running low on wheat so I will need to mill some more tomorrow! I must share that I am pleasantly surprised about how much I am enjoying the baking. I really do feel it is a labor of love for my family. They all gather in the kitchen to see what I am up to. I am hoping to find a simple waffle recipe and be able to report the outcome of that tomorrow! Meanwhile my daughter would like to collect all your favorite cookie recipes. She is preparing for her 4-H fair exhibit and wants the best cookies ever!

Cinnamon Rolls

Well, I must say it is great to wake up to freshly made cinnamon rolls. The smell alone feeds me! My daughter and I made the rolls and baked them Saturday night. Then Sunday morning we reheated and added the icing! Mmmmmmm, were they good! The funny thing about all this dough making is that I am able to use the same simple recipe for my bread, pizza crust and cinnamon rolls. We were so impressed that we made smaller versions for our Sunday night church service which offers a coffee hour first! My daughter also made two types of cookies to share. She was practicing for 4-H. The flour worked great in her cookies as well. I wondered how to handle cookie recipes that called for self rising flour or unbleached flour...my freshly ground flour did the job! After service we came home to the biggest mess! I stayed up and cleaned. I can't stand to wake to a dirty kitchen! I am wondering how to tackle the mess caused by all this baking. There is a flour film covering almost every surface in my kitchen! It doesn't help that my workspace is under the ceiling fan! I guess at least people who drop by won't know if it is dust or flour! Just another benefit to my simpler daze!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Wow...so it begins!

I have never blogged. I wonder how many bloggers start with that first sentence. Well, I bet few follow up with this one. I know very little about the topic I will be blogging about! Oh no, don't stop reading yet! I didn't even tell you what I know very little about. Well, all things domestic. There you have it. I am not a domestic diva. Martha is in no danger here. The title Simpler Daze is not a spelling error. It is very accurate. I am in a daze. There is so much out there on nutrition. I am no expert. I am however very interested in what my family is putting into their bodies. Therefore, I have made it my personal mission to set forth a new path, for me. I am going to become a modern day pioneer woman. I want to take you all along for the ride. Hang on. I am sure it will be bumpy. I am trying to improve my family's health NOT drive them crazy. So, it will be a slow process. Oh, who am I kidding. I don't take anything slow. Both feet is the way I prefer to jump in. So there you have it and here we go...ALL ABOARD!!!!