Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Flu Bug Strikes

Oh the joy of having sick kids.  It is even worse when mom is sick too!  Luckily this time it is just my youngest and myself who are sick.  I say luckily because my daughter has stepped in for me.  Taking care of me, my younger son, and the rest of the family.  She has made lunches, cleaned up, and continued to do her schooling.  I am going to request homemade bread, I think.  My son is busy doing the dishes, keeping the animals fed and watered.  He has opted to avoid his school work like the plague.  I am thinking a lesson will need to be learned there, when I am feeling better. The good news is I think we are all on the mend.  I am hoping for a full recovery by tomorrow.  Something tells me I am not looking forward to that half as much as my daughter!  I am not sure my school avoiding son will find this as exciting.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Finally a simpler day

     I have had an amazingly crazy end to summer.  As I posted before both of my parents have been ill.  I am happy to report they are both home and living independently.  The situation has made it difficult for me to do farmer's market.  I have been experimenting with herbs and have come up with a yummy new italian bread.  I tested it out Friday night when friends came to dinner.  We also made fresh butter that we all enjoyed. 
     We were determined to take a little time and do something as a family.  So, we packed up the kids and headed to the Creation Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio.  It was about a 40 minute drive from our house and we are members.  The kids really enjoyed going to the petting zoo.  They especially enjoyed riding the camel.  Our youngest was a little frightened and requested I ride along.  Earlier in the day I was upset that he had taken my camera out of the car.  At that moment, I was completely thrilled he had done so.  There is so much to see and we enjoy the museum everytime we go.
     We haven't done a lot of activities as a family this summer.  We did take in the Indiana State Fair.  We were so proud of our two 4-H'ers, who both had projects selected for the state fair.  Two projects a piece.  Our daughter displayed her sewing and got a blue and her personality which got a red.  It took some conviencing to explain that a red at the state fair is great.  She is my straight A, highly skilled, perfectionist child.  So, it was a great learning experience for her.  Our son received a blue on his black and white photos and a blue honor on his computers.  I was proud of his efforts as well.  He was so gracious with his sister.  Hugging her and telling her about how it is an honor to go to the state fair with a project and how their projects are judges is just one persons opinion.  Very sweet words coming from a 12 year old boy, who often struggles to complete projects due to his ADD.  He is so kind and sensitive, a trait that God will use for His glory. 
     Tomorrow will be the day when we begin hitting homeschooling head on.  We have been doing bits and pieces for a couple of weeks now.  Tomorrow is the day we go from morning until we are finished.  I pray all goes well for another great year.  Educating our kids at home is a true blessing to me, my husband, and most importantly our children.  We reap the benefits of precious time together.  I am hoping this year will bring about peace and simplicity.  I recently read Tony Dungee's book, Quiet Strength.  In it he shares much about his family, his career, but more importantly his faith.  The bits of wisdom he shares throughout the book is priceless.  It is a book about leadership and faith in tough times.  It made me think of my position of leadership in our home.  How I handle situations.  How I react to my children.  When he coached in the NFL he had one simple theme..."We do what we do."  He kept it simple and stayed the coarse.  It made me think a lot about how I teach my kids.  I think sometimes I put too much on us.  So this year our theme is..."Do what we do."  It is my goal to guide them into becomeing independent learners and thinkers. 
     Another quote from the book, that dungy posted on the locker room wall, " No excuses, no exceptions."  I am going to put our family and my kids first after only my God and husband.  I am going to start to say no to things that do not benefit our family.  I am not going to do things anymore because no one else will.  So beware if you are in an organization with me.  It is a new page being turned.  So it has been written and so I am now accountable!  Pray for my strength dear friends!