Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pioneering Spirit :P Bah Humbug!!!

Well, The midwest has been under oldman winter's attack.  My sweet niece lovingly posted as her "Facebook" status..."Why does everyone complain about winter, it is one of God's beautiful creations."  Well, after being stuck in one room with my 3 beautiful children, darling husband, sweet minature poodle, for 20 hours with no electricity huddled under a tower of various blankets and sleeping bags, I was not so optimistic in my response.  Did I mention we had been fighting flu and I was probably slightly high from kerosene fumes?  I responded..."Well, actually God's creation was a beautiful temperate controlled garden called Eden.  It didn't rain or snow.  It was so warm that Adam and Eve walked around naked.  It was because of Adam and Eve's sin that we have the snow so, we have no one to blame but them.  In my next statement I thanked her for her optimism and told her I loved her. (I realize I was most likely jaded because I was cold, I was using creek water to flush my toilet, I hadn't been able to properly wash my hands or brush my teeth and the fact that I was just starting to get sick myself didn't help my attitude either.)

As I am typing my blog my daughter looked up at me with no prompting and said yesterday was the best day ever!  It was a little cold, but the best day ever!  Now that I think about it, we did have some quality family time.  We had pushed together our love seat and coach and read Anne of Green Gables.  No distractions, no t.v,  (not that we watch much of that anyway), no phones peace and quiet.  We had a lot of time together and we have enjoyed each other(maybe a little too much at times).  I guess the important part is we had everything we needed. We have been trying to be more self sufficient.  We didn't have to make a last minute run to the grocery for supplies.  It is a joke in our family how winter storms make everyone crave french toast.  You know, they run out for eggs, bread and milk!  The only "failure" we had as we haven't lived out in the country for a long time is, we didn't realize our water pump was electric...hence why we had to use creek water for our toilet.  You live and learn.  As soon as the water turned back on the kids and I were busy filling emergency buckets for our toilet!!!

As we sat there in our 50 degree family room, I couldn't help but notice the straight winds blowing at 40 mph. Then I thought I guess I am not so cold.  I am grateful for all the people who work for the power companies and the road crews.  I am thankful for the emergency medical personel.  I am thankful for the police officiers and the national guard.  All those that are not with those families when we are all cold at home together.  The ones that worry about their families without power at home and go to work anyway.  God bless them all. 

 As I read back over this post I am beginning to wonder if the fumes are still effecting me.  I seem completely disjointed...I hope you can all understand my rambalings.  Please let me know how the weather has effected you where you are. God bless:)

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