Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Will it Ever Be Enough?

It is Monday and I was hoping to post something interesting every Monday.  I think I may be challenged this week.  I don't feel all that interesting.  I found a wonderful little shop today just 5 miles from my home.  It is a natural cures and products store.  I was so excited to find such a place.  I have been traveling nearly 45 minuted to find organic solutions to our healthier lifestyle.  This store was a true gem.  I have been wanting to move toward more homeopathic solutions and up until today, it was so inconvenient to even get started.  No more excuses.  Now I have to decide where to start.  When I started this blog my lifestyle was so very different.  I was proud to put a boxed meal on the table instead of fast food.  I thought I would make some bread.  That must be healthier then store bought.  Now I am concerned with soaking and sprouting.  I have learned the hazards of store bought milk.  I no longer want to use deodorant and baking soda with aluminum in it.  I have done anything but simplify my life yet I wouldn't change a thing.  So as I travel down the road of probiotics and natural cures, health foods and organic options I hope you will read along.  Share your knowledge and comment on my adventure.  I think I will be done posting for now, as my husband is reading over my shoulder and obviously wanting my attention.  Duty calls.

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